About Us

"In order to meet the ever-growing demand for petro-chemical products, we have ventured in its international trade with a back-up experience well over one decade. M/s Crude Energy, since its inception, has grown over the years and a forerunner in international trade of petro-chemicals. The company realized the difficulties being encountered by the end-users in sourcing and securing petro-chemical products for wide range of their applications towards socio-economic development. If this concept is seen in its correct perspective, one realizes that it is a formidable task. The inherent dynamics of the trade coupled with labyrinthine process, banking, logistics, etc., have choked the attempts of the end-users.

M/s Crude Energy has geared up its infrastructure to address to these issues thereby facilitating anxious-free and hassles-free operations. As can be seen, the above factors play a pivotal role in the overall trade. The company, over the years, has developed a solid infrastructure base, which is focused, well co-ordinated and orchestrated to achieve timely supplies. In view of this integrated functional approach, the company has carved a place of its own. Over and above, the company has a focused attention, besides the will to honour the commitments. The company has the back up of phase-wise expansion, motivated and dedicated team to fulfill the commitments. The path to success is paved and guided by our philosophy of collective growth, through collective caring and client friendly actions, which aims to achieve customers' satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal."


  • Sourcing of the quality product
  • Tie-ups with refineries
  • Cost factor analysis based on weekly world price fluctuations as well as Platt rates and to further match with the recipient end-user
  • Analysis of such cost impact on the recipient end-user taking into consideration their statutory regulations
  • Banking transactions in the required time-frame
  • Compatible and economical and sea-worthy vessels deployment
  • Logistics, quality assurance, loading operations, deployment of approved surveyors and other shipping regulations like freight insurance, etc.
  • Optional tankage facility, etc.
  • Assisting the clients for speedy and hassle-free clearance at the designated port
  • Long range contracts to serve bulk users.
  • Committed, experienced, competent workforce having an international exposure.
  • They avail excellent living working environment & welfare schemes.


  • Committed, experienced, competent workforce having an international exposure.
  • They avail excellent living working environment & welfare schemes.

Leadership commitment

  • Strong Leadership urge to achieve excellence in Operational and Safety Performance.
  • Has identified People as the most valuable asset in the company.
  • Two way Communication through the organization. Development of a Team Work.
  • Empowerment to decide and act all levels in the organization.


  • Have a well defined Preventive Maintenance System – PMS.
  • PMS ensures optimum utilization of our equipment.
  • 6 Monthly inspections by Third Party Inspectors like OES, BV to meet the National & International Clients expectations.

Material Management System

  • Have a well defined MMS.
  • MMS fulfills the Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM’s recommendations for material procurement.
  • Efficient materials procurement and availability to end users on rig sites.

HSE Management System

  • Guiding principle is HSE is a Line Management Responsibility.
  • We have a very stringent and caring HSE Policy as a sincere Corporate Citizen.
  • Fully Developed HSE MS & working HSE MS.
  • Our HSE Plan clearly defines all HSE activities to be done throughout the year so that our operations are safe.
  • Our LTIF ( Lost Time Injury Frequency) is one of the best in the Industry.
  • Proactive approach in Managing Road Safety. Journey Management is fully complied with.